Geotechnical Investigations & technical measures design

Aquaterra conducts Geotechnical Investigations with the highest standards. After the field work Computational Soil and Rock Simulations are performed using the Geotechnical Software package: PLAXIS PROFESSIONAL (PLAXIS BV). During these simulations, Soils and Structures are subjected to static and dynamic loading (earthquake) and the design geotechnical parameters occur thoughout the calculation phases.

Simulations are executed in discrete phases representing excavation phases and construction phases including structural design of individual structures. Structural dimensions and mechanical properties occur through the calculation procedure. The construction procedure plan is integrated after all phases of this Analysis are completed.

Some of the benefits of this type of Analysis are:

  1. Optimization of technical measures,  accurate/cost effective design
  2. Significant cost savings due to the lack of the need of structures overdesign
  3. Representative evaluation of  Soil-Structure interaction under Seismic loading 
  4. Representative evaluation of  Soil-Structure interaction due to the water table   
  5. Increasement of the Factor of Safety (FS) for the construction measures

Applied Geology/Hydrogeology

Aquaterra conducts Geological mapping and Hydro-geological studies for more than 20 years in many areas in Greece for Infrastructure projects and Environmental Protection Projects. Advanced techniques are applied in mapping/cartography via GIS (professional licence of ArcGIS/ESRI).