Aquaterra’s experience is the summary of its scientific board experience reaching twenty five (25) years on

  • Geological/Hydrogeological Surveys/reports elaboration and
  • Subsurface Geophysical Investigation.

We have been contractors for the Public Sector and many Private Companies in a wide range of applications on Geological mapping, field geophysical investigations, well drilling. We have been conducted investigations for big construction Projects i.e. for the Athens Metro Station constructions as well as in sites of Archaeological interest in Greek areas (Peloponnese, Crete, Chalkidiki etc).

Main Geological and HydroGeological Surveys:

  • Participation in of infrastructure works design (Bridge contruction, Road Design, Port Design)
  • Elaboration of Geological surveys for Coastal Erosion Projects
  • Elaboration of Geological surveys for Environmental Protection Projects (waste disposal facilities -wastewater treatment plants)
  • Elaboration of Geological Surveys for Slope Stability and Landslides control
  • Elaboration of HydroGeological Surveys in Water Resources Management Plans