Erosion control using Soft Protection Methods is one of the main objectives of our Engineering firm Aquaterra. All engineering applications are designed according to the definition given by the European Code of Conduct for Coasts (European Code of Conduct for Coastal Zones, UNEP, 1999).

The Design and the installation procedure of the Soft Protection Method applied by Aquaterra have the following characteristics:

  1. A System of elongated low crested elements of varying length and width are placed into the sea.
  2. The basic function of the Method is the transformation of sea currents into vortices – energy management.
  3. The Method controls some of the factors responsible for coastal erosion leading to gradual stabilization of the coastline in time
  4. The Method creates favourable conditions for water circulation anddispersion of pollutants unlike most conventional coastal structures that tend to restrict this function as well as to substantially impede Sediment transport

Advantages of the application of a Soft Shore Protection Method against other conventional “hard” methods (walls, breakwaters, rock fills – boulders etc.):

  1. Ensures a human friendly beach. Produces coast with the same characteristics to the natural sandy coast
  2. It addresses the phenomenon of erosion, without shifting to another part of the coast.
  3. The method is environmentally friendly. Does not alter the aesthetics of the landscape. The implementation of the method is made entirely with human resources (divers, skilled and unskilled workers). Power consumption is minimal. There is no use of machinery in the marine environment.
  4. The method does not interrupt the circulation of water in the coastal zone. It promotes cleansing of pollutants and does not interrupt water circulation parallel or transverse to the coast.
  5. No construction maintenance is required
  6. The design and construction costs are much smaller (1/2 to 1/5) as compared to any other method of shore protection
  7. The structure is installed by qualified personnel (divers) and no harm is done to the coastal environment (no seabed excavations) while shore and seabed disturbance is kept to a minimum Swimmers may use the coast without running any risk of injury during installation and during operation of the system.
  8. The application is completed site into a short time period depending on the size of the system and weather conditions

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