Aquaterra conducts Surveys, Reports and Applications for the Public and the Private Sector on Coastal Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering

Operating since 2007, with Head Offices located in Patras, Greece, Aquaterra was established from scientists with high qualifications, postgraduate studies and professional experience from 15 to 25 years.

The Company’s Administrator Christoforos Kapopoulos holds twenty five (25) years of Professional experience in Greece and abroad. He has a long record of collaboration with Public Authorities, Construction Consortiums, Private Companies etc. He has also been coolaborated with other Scientists in Research Programs (NATO SfS Program 1989-1993, Univesrities Programs). For over than 10 years he collaborated in various research projects with Professor C.L. Goudas, the leader of Soft Shore Protection Methods in Greece and one of the most distinguished Mathematicians worldwide.

Aquaterra is the first Greek Company associated with the use of Soft engineering applications for Erosion control according to the definitions given from European -global Organizations in various codes and reports (European Commision/European Environmental Agency/United Nations).

Aquaterra is also developing in-House Software through the years on Coastal Hydrodynamics & Sediment transport (2D & 3D) for Coastal Protection & Erosion Control Applications.

Aquaterra provides Quality and cost effective Services. Our Methods are well documented and extensively validated for over than 20 years in successful applications in Greece and abroad.

Aquaterra Implements:

  • Coastal Erosion defense measures designs
  • Design & Application of Soft Shore protection Methods
  • Geotechnical engineering Syrveys/Applications on Slope Stability /Lateral Support/Landslide Control/Soil Reinforcement.
  • Consultation Services in Coastal Engineering Applications with emphasis in Shoreline stabilization as well as in Slopes stability.
  • Topographic surveys, sea bed or river bed bathymetry measurements with Specialized/High Precision Equipment and Software (3D modelling)
  • Environmental Impact Studies/Reports  for Technical/Infrastructure Projects and other activities

Consultation and support Services:

  • Acquires all necessary Permits for Infrastructure/Environmental Protection Projects from the beginning to the end of the procedure,
  • Provides full support throughout all Phases: investigation, design and application,
  • Scientific support via high accuracy numerical simulations (2Dimensional and 3Dimensional) on specific topics such as: infrastructure foundation on the seabed, scour protection, erosion defense measures, slope stability of structures in the sea
  • Support Services after the completion of the projects, building long term relationships of collaboration and trust.

Advantages associated with Aquaterra

  • Interdisciplinary approach of Technical and Environmental subjects
  • Well documented, reliable/applicable and cost effective solutions for our clients
  • Design of Specialized Methods in demanding problems via the best Commercial and in-House (developed trough the years) Software packages
  • Collaboration with top Scientists from Greek and foreign Companies, Universities, Authorities
  • Publication of important findings on Costal Protection and Slope Stability, groundwater Flow/Hydrogeology
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of our Services at all levels (Scientific Software, Optimized design of application measures)

Innovation is one of our main targets, especially on:

  • Design of efficient methods and application measures on Coastal Protection
  • 2D & 3D software development in Scientific Computing (Numerical Simulations, Computing Methods, Parallel Processing)

Aquaterra is a fertile field where fresh, educated ideas are nourished and matured. After these ideas are well documented and validated they are incorporated in procedures and methods and finally integrated into our applications/Solutions. Our Services are associated with professional ethics, enthusiasm for continuous progress, quality and professionalism.