1. After the determination of the erosion of the coast (declaratory Act by the Commission of Article 3) according to law 2971/2001 (Official Gazette A 285): Seashore, beach and other provisions, Article 12 paragraph 1, one topographic-bathymetric mapping of the wider area is required in order to accurately determine the three-dimensional model of the seabed.
  2. Subsequently data is collected of the hydrodynamic regime, the weather and climate of the wider area.
  3. The operation of the proposed soft shore protection works is simulated with the appropriate software in order to select the optimum scheme for coastal Protection (Coastal study).
  4. All these elements are reflected in the Environmental report accompanying the project according to Law 4014/2011 Government Gazette 209/2011
  5. The final drawings and all the above studies are submitted to the Government Estate Agency service in order to get the appropriate approvals and License to proceed to the construction.